P&M was established 10 years ago and runs under the supervision of Pedro Gonzalez. Gonzalez and his team has been providing first class landscaping services to all their customers in Central New Jersey and neighboring areas. P&M Landscaping is home to gardening and landscaping experts who have the right kind of skills required to successfully provide lawn care, shrub care, gardening landscaping designs, and other services such as snow removal and plant health care.

In other words we take care of all your gardens needs, making sure that it stays vibrant, colorful and healthy each time you step into it. Each of your concerns is of top priority for us. We never neglect you or abandon you even if our work is done. P&M Landscaping is always with you every step of the way. We care about you and your gardens needs at all times.


P&M Landscaping Company, in order to be the best has hired the best people to work us. Each of which brings their own individual skill sets to the table. Our team of experts consists of highly and specially trained gardeners, architects, managers, field personnel and office staff that join their heads together to create the optimum quality and beautiful garden designs for all our customers. The team has one mutual goal: to keep your garden fresh, green and healthy at all times. Our team keeps researching to keep itself up to date with new technique to boost the level of your garden. If you feel relaxed and focused in one of our gardens, then that to our team means that we not only did our job, we did it right again. We want your garden to remain as vibrant as it can throughout the weeks and months that goes by. We want your garden to be an oasis of paradise for you and your family.


What are our values? Our values are based on your desires and needs. We honor our commitment to you. We believe in providing the best quality services, through our unique and fresh design thoughts to our customers to match their individual needs and preferences. Our truthfulness to the job at hand and special awareness to details, define our values. That is exactly what reflects in our performance; you get a lush green garden every single time. We work close hand in hand with our customers each step of the way to make certain that they are satisfied with our work. Belief in our abilities and the deliverance of perfection is to our customers is part of our key values. P&M does not rest until we are assured by you that we have lived up to your expectations, if not beyond.


A Company is only as good as the service it is able to provide. Every company strives to provide quality service. P&M Landscaping Company strives to go one better, by providing unbeatable quality customer service. From a small garden services company, P&M has developed into a full fledge gardening landscaping design company that aims to provide high quality services to its customers at all times. No matter how big or small the job is we are enthusiastically available to serve you in NJ and its surrounding areas. Our great challenge is not only your garden. It is that WE MUST do what must be done for you, without undoing your dreams and visions through our impeccable and unbeatable customer service. That is what distinguishes us from the rest. That is one of the main cores to our success and our customer’s complete belief in us that they will get the garden of their hearts desire.


P&M Landscaping Company always honors its commitment to you, the customer. We never back down from any of our garden projects. Customers are never left hanging, no matter what the circumstance. From the minute we take on your garden project, we promise to do everything in our power to design and create the garden of your dreams. Our Staff made the promise to us to be the best of the best for the company. That is why, without hesitation we can extend that promise to you. Our Promise is not just a word we say. It reflects in the result of the finished garden that we create for you in the end. We are strong, fair and wise, which leads to you the customer feeling totally satisfied with a huge smile on your face. Do you want to give your garden a fresh look? Do you want to add beauty to your property?


If you want a new garden, make the one you have look a lot better, then P&M can help you. Over the past years we have transformed private gardens and landscapes into wonderful, majestic pieces of art. How do we help you? That’s easy! We have the products, the tools and the man power to live up to the task. It is not only important to us that your garden looks good; it must be healthy as well. A healthy garden keeps you the customer healthy. As the old saying goes ‘Health is Wealth’. P&M can keep you and your garden healthy. Your garden will be kept at its peak at all times. We specialize in lawn and shrub care, garden landscaping designs, garden maintenance and over all plant health care. P&M provides free consultation and estimate after inspecting your property for whatever garden work you require. Our team works together to devise a master landscaping plan for your garden to make it beautiful and a place where you would want to spend your leisure time to relax.

Do you want to give your garden a fresh look? Do you want to add beauty to your property? Call us today at 609-637-0550 for a free lawn care estimate and let us help you realize the garden of your dreams!