A well maintained and green garden gives any home a fresh feel and adds to its aesthetic appeal. P&M Landscaping Company offers full-fledge garden maintenance services in Princeton, NJ and adjoining areas for residential homes and commercial buildings.

We keep your garden green, neat and tidy. You don’t have to do the hectic job yourself! Your job is to enjoy your garden. Ours is to make sure that the pleasurable feeling that your garden evokes does not ever end. That is why we have taken that responsibility out of your hands. Every single detail about the maintenance of your garden is carefully noted. Then our team of skilled experts will meticulously do their job and you won’t even be aware of they have don or how fast they execute their plan.

At P&M Landscaping, we bring distinctive and customized garden unique and customized garden architecture to each home we serve. We understand that every homeowner wants his or her garden to stand out as the most green and beautiful. Therefore, our garden architects work closely with you each step of the way to ensure your every need is met.

In addition we also offer a full range of gardening services such as lawn care, shrub care, plant health care, garden landscaping services and more. Our expert garden planners in NJ recognize your each and every need, thus offer their professional advice and services to make your garden.


P&M Landscaping Company always honors its commitment to you, the customer. We never back down from any of our garden projects.

Our team of experts provides garden plans that fit your needs and make your lawn lush green. After all life would be dull if it did not have some vibrant colors. Plus it can be very therapeutic when it radiates all that color. You in your garden can be the best day of your life, with all the tensions of the world forgotten for that brief moment.

We take care of your lawn and keep it in top condition. We make sure your garden is lush, green and clean and in shape. Keeping your lawn mowed and the grass fresh and green is an intricate part of the maintenance process.

Creating a neatly landscape garden is sure a tough job, but maintaining a garden at all times can be even tougher. It requires constant attention and care. This includes watering, pruning, lawn mowing, cutting grass, taking care of plants, etc. P&M Landscaping Company is one stop solution to all your garden maintenance needs in Princeton, NJ and surrounding areas.

Our expert gardeners give great attention to detail to all the elements of garden architecture and ensure your garden looks neat and clean at all times. Regular garden maintenance is essential to keep away pesticides and bugs that can eat away the plants and flowers. Also, it keeps your grass green, clean, thick and beautiful.


Water – regularly water your plants, flowers and grass to ensure they continue to burst with greenery and beauty. Water your garden well; every inch of the plants should get an inch or two of water. For larger gardens, water sprinklers are an ideal investment. They sprinkle water across the radius equally which means the area it covers gets an equal amount of water.

Pesticides – pests are a common problem in any garden. Therefore it is essential to ensure plant health care and use fertilizers and pesticides that help eradicate unwanted pests or bugs in the garden. It is essential to change soil at least twice a year and check for pests in the garden at least once a week.

Let our expert team take care of your plants with an Integrated Pest Management Program and free your lawn of pests and insects. Put your mind at ease when you are pest invasion. P&M already has come up with ways to battle all types of pest manifestations.

We do not think we are the best, we know we are the best. But guess what! Our best just keeps getting a whole lot better every time we make your garden dreams come true. We only use top of line quality products, plant materials and finest gardening tools to ensure we provide you the garden of your dreams. We guarantee to offer you exceptional garden landscaping services not only in Princeton NJ, but the surrounding areas as well. Transforming your garden into a wonder is not something we do. It is what we believe we can deliver to all our customers.


P&M Landscaping Company offers hassle free garden maintenance services in Princeton, NJ for homeowners. Now you don’t have to worry about lawn care or garden architecture after a long day at work or at the weekends. We manage your garden for you! Call us today at 609-637-0550 to get a free estimate and more information about our garden maintenance services. With expert advice from garden architects, we offer first class garden architecture and garden maintenance services that will make your garden burst with life and make it look fresh and green.

The most important things to ensure when you want to create a garden of choice in your backyard are: appropriate sunlight, water and space for the plants and flowers. This will help in the healthy growth of your garden and ensure your lawn looks magnificently green. Another important factor before you start your own garden is to ensure the weather conditions are appropriate and seasonal maintenance is done in time. P&M Landscaping Company offers dependable yard services, plant health care and grass cutting services in Princeton, NJ and adjoining areas. Our professional landscape contractors work closely with you to create a beautiful and unique garden plan for you.