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At P&M Landscaping, we offer the most reliable and dependable yard services in Princeton, NJ and surrounding areas. We ensure each yard that we service is clean, pest-free and soothing to the eyes. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure they are pleased with the progress. We persistently strive to ensure that our clients see their desired results.

With years of experience in grass cutting service in Princeton, NJ and other lawn care services, we at P&M Landscaping are proud to have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. The smiles on the faces of our customers speaks volumes about our success. We intend to keep up this trend and That all the services we provide is nothing short of perfection.

P&M Landscaping Company is there to ensure that your garden is well maintained throughout the year. We offer a full range of lawn care and garden design services with years of experience in creating strikingly beautiful gardens and landscapes for residential and commercial clients. We are proud to be New Jersey’s preferred contractor for everything related to garden design and care. We offer a variety of services in the Central New Jersey areas including Trenton, Kingston, Franklin Park, Lawrenceville, Princeton and adjoining areas.


A beautiful garden adds to the beauty of any home. To give your garden a fresh look with a new garden design, P&M Landscaping Company offers the best landscape architects who have the knowledge and expertise to create unique and exquisite gardens that are beautiful, are created considering space efficiency, while ensuring they offer the perfect opportunity for homeowners to relax and unwind after a hectic day. After all life would be dull if it did not have some vibrant colors. Plus it can be very therapeutic when it radiates all that color. You in your garden can be the best day of your life, with all the tensions of the world forgotten for that brief moment.

Our team of skilled experts will meticulously do their job and you won’t even be aware of they have don or how fast they execute their plan. All you are doing is living in a wonder of a world we created for your pleasure and relaxation.

We keep your garden green, neat and tidy. You don’t have to do the hectic job yourself! Your job is to enjoy your garden. Ours is to make sure that the pleasurable feeling that your garden evokes does not ever end.


One of the top benefits of having a lawn on your property is that you can decide what you want to do with it. Whether you want to grow a vegetable garden, a flower garden, or just maintain it well with regular lawn care, it all depends on you. Our experienced garden experts maintain your garden and help you create the most amazing garden through regular maintenance such as grass cutting services in Princeton, NJ.

In addition we also offer a full range of gardening services such as lawn care, shrub care, plant health care, garden landscaping services and more. Our expert garden planners in NJ recognize your each and every need, thus offer their professional advice and services to make your garden greener than all your neighbors around you. Our experienced and skilled teams of garden planners in NJ works hard to make sure you are pleased and content with our gardening services.

Want a new garden, make the one you have look a lot better, then P&M can help you. Over the past years we have transformed private gardens and landscapes into wonderful, majestic pieces of art. How do we help you? That’s easy! We have the products, the tools and the man power to live up to the task. It is not only important to us that your garden looks good, it must be healthy as well. A healthy garden keeps you the customer healthy.

The most important things to ensure when you want to create a garden of choice in your backyard are: appropriate sunlight, water and space for the plants and flowers. This will help in the healthy growth of your garden and ensure your lawn looks magnificently green. Another important factor before you start your own garden is to ensure the weather conditions are appropriate and seasonal maintenance is done in time. P&M Landscaping Company offers dependable yard services, plant health care and grass cutting services in Princeton, NJ and adjoining areas. Our professional landscape contractors work closely with you to create a beautiful and unique garden plan for you.

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We create beautiful gardens that are unique in design, while ensuring it matches your needs and budget. So the next time you think of upgrading your garden or redesigning it, don’t think of us only. Give us a call and the chance to show you our creativity. P&M Landscaping Company offers full fledge gardening services including landscaping and planning, in Princeton NJ. Call us today at 609-637-0550 to get a free estimate and let us work with you to make your garden greener than your neighbor’s!

We will surely get back to you in a short while with a quote that matches your budgets and needs. We guarantee complete satisfaction because customer satisfaction is our priority!

The main focus of our company is to provide our customers with comprehensive lawn care and garden designs, so they will be completely covered with our landscaping services. No matter how or what happens to your landscape, we will be there to keep it up to date and as vibrant as it can possibly be. Trust in us and we will give you a landscape that will stretch the boundaries of your imagination.

P&M Landscaping Company always honors its commitment to you, the customer. We never back down from any of our garden projects. Customers are never left hanging, no matter what the circumstance. From the minute we take on your garden project, we promise to do everything in our power to design and create the garden of your dreams. Our Staff made the promise to us to be the best of the best for the company. That is why, without hesitation we can extend that promise to you.