Lawn Mowing – 5 Mistakes People Make

Lawn mowing is an all too common and generally frowned upon activity. No one wants to go out in the sweltering heat or in sub zero temperatures to mow the garden, yet many of us do it. There are some very common mistakes that people make when mowing lawns. These mistakes end up negatively impacting their backyard landscape leaving them with no choice but to call in the professionals to do the job.

While using the services of lawn maintenance companies is the best option, homeowners should still know a few basic things about mowing and how it can impact the overall look of your landscape design.

1. Not Mowing Regularly
The first and most common mistake, which is also the easiest to make, is simply neglecting your lawn.  Not watering your garden properly or at all will lead to dead or burnt grass patches. While being careless about mowing is bound to create an ugly landscape with excess grass and weeds.

2. Removing More Grass than Needed
Lawn mowers these days have manual settings that can be adjusted as per your needs. People often make the mistake of using incorrect or inappropriate settings and as a result end up cutting way too much grass from their garden. This gives it an unattractive look of a barren floor. Avoid doing this because once the grass is cut, there is no going back! It is going to take some time for it to grow back and you will have to live with your mistake for a quite some time.

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3. Using Incorrect Height for Mowing
There are dozens of types of grass available in the market today and each has its own setting for height adjustments. Grass mowers today come with a height adjustment mechanism that allows people to select the level that works best for the type of grass they are using however, many people simple use incorrect setting or the “one setting fits all” approach, thereby ruining their garden.

4. Mowing a Dirty Garden
Let’s face it. Not many people like mowing gardens and when they do, they usually go for short cuts such as not inspecting the area and removing any foreign objects from it which might get stuck in the mower. Avoiding this has resulted in many mowers malfunctioning or breaking down completely which only adds to people’s frustrations and expenses.

5. Not Letting the Professionals Do It
Sure your next door neighbor’s kid can mow your garden however that does not make spring lawn maintenance cheap or easy in any way. There is a reason lawn maintenance companies exist. By not letting professionals take care of your property and by making rash assumptions people end up costing themselves more than expert lawn mowing services.

As people’s work and daily schedules get more and more hectic, there is less time to devote to other household matters. Lawn mowing services are very cost effective and save time. So try to avoid making these mistakes mentioned above and if you need any help with your landscape, seek professional advice. This will ensure you make the most informed decision about your lawn.

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